Autowatch Ghost Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Autowatch Ghost cost?

The recommended retail price for the Autowatch Ghost is £399, supplied and fitted by a fully qualified member of our technical team.

How long is the fitting time?

Immobiliser Direct makes every effort to supply and fit a GHOST within 10 days of the initial customer contact.  We certainly make every effort to satisfy the customers appointment requirements and availability; the appointment will always be at your convenience.

What locations do you cover?

Immobiliser Direct has a Nationwide coverage of fitters so please, if you live or work in a remote area, contact our office and we will arrange to either visit you or select a meeting venue; at your convenience.  There may be a nominal extra charge for travelling to remote areas or at particular times of the day but this can be discussed and agreed with our office staff.  You will always be made aware of exactly what the total cost will be during the call to our office and before we come out to you.

Will my Insurance be cheaper?

At this stage Immobiliser Direct cannot guarantee that your insurance will be cheaper after fitting the GHOST but we are often asked directly by clients, due to insurance companies preferences and requests, to fit the GHOST for added security on a vehicle.

Please contact your insurance company to have confirmation that your insurance cover will not be affected by the installation of a GHOST.  Due to the GHOST being such a new product some insurance companies may not be aware of it, please contact our office if this situation arises. Please also be aware that the GHOST does not enhance the performance of the vehicle, but significantly reduces the risk of theft by making the vehicle much more secure and less likely to be stolen.

Will it effect my vehicles warranty?

We have not come across any issues or problems from any manufacturers regarding vehicle warranties.  Although it would be advisable to contact the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the Warranty will not be affected by the installation of a GHOST.

What about alternative products?

There is no other product on the market in the UK nor internationally that uses the CANbus system and a key-less process to secure a vehicle, the GHOST has a world-wide patent.

Does the GHOST have a patent?

The GHOST has an International Patent and is, according to many experts in the automotive industry, the best method of preventing car theft.  It can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle, is non-detectable and the vehicle cannot be started without knowing the unique, self-selected and  pre-programmed vehicle button sequence.

What if I take the car for a Service or Valet?

There is a process that can allow the GHOST to operate in a ‘Service’ or ‘Valet’ mode so you will not have to disclose your specific operational or arming sequence of buttons to anyone.

Quality of Fitters?

The Immobiliser Direct fitters are automotive electricians and have been specifically trained to fit the GHOST. All have the most recent diagnostics equipment so all eventualities are covered and all our fitters are fully insured for any vehicle.

How can i pay?

Immobiliser Direct will give you the option to pay on completion of fitting, ask for the full recommended retail price or for a deposit either through the website or over the telephone before an appointment is confirmed.  The deposit is £150 and the recommended retail price is £399; to supply and fit the Autowatch Ghost. The remainder of the cost, after paying the deposit, will be taken by the fitter immediately after the fitting is complete.

You will always be made aware of exactly what the total cost will be via a confirmation email after you have selected an appointment date or during the call to our office, certainly before the fitting is undertaken.

Is there a Warranty or Guarantee?

If, for whatever reason, there is a problem with your GHOST, Autowatch provides a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this Immobiliser Direct also provides, a supply and fit guarantee within the first 2 years. It is essential that you alert us as soon as possible if you believe your unit is not performing as it should and we will make every effort to deal with the matter as quickly as possible.

What are the available hours?

Please see the diary system on the website or call our office for availability.  It is very rare that we cannot arrange an appointment to your convenience.

How do I book an appointment for a fitting?

You can simply use the button on the Home page to select an appointment date or complete our simple online form  to request contact from our office.

Is there an option for you to supply the GHOST without fitting?

We cannot simply supply a GHOST,  Autowatch stipulates that the GHOST has to be to supplied and fitted through our fully qualified technicians.  There have been too many issues when non automotive electricians, who have not had specific training and support have attempted to fit the GHOST.  Immobiliser Direct provides a guaranteed professional installation.

What is the Override Pin Number?

You will need this if, for whatever reason, you cannot use the GHOST e.g. if a button breaks on the dashboard.  We suggest a photograph is taken of the instruction leaflet and filed in a safe place. If you find yourself having difficulty, please contact our office immediately.

What if my vehicle is sold?

If your vehicle is sold then an Immobiliser Direct fitter can come out to remove the GHOST and either fit it directly on to another vehicle or keep it until you purchase another vehicle; there may be charges incurred.  If you don’t require a removal of the GHOST, please pass on the Immobiliser Direct contact details to the new owner so we can explain how the GHOST works.

Owners Forums?

We currently contribute to the Ford, BMW, Audi, Aston Martin, VAG and Mercedes owners groups.

WHat if my car is Highjacked?

Anti-Hijack Option

This option can be programmed so if a thief forces you, the driver from the car and drives the car away, the vehicle will come to a controlled stop – vehicle dependant. Or if the car stops and is turned off, the Ghost will re-arm and the car cannot be re-started.