Nissan Security

NissanImmobiliser Ghost is a great step towards having better Nissan Security. Install the AutoWatch GHOST Immobiliser and have what many experts would say is the best after-market Immobiliser available anywhere with a world-wide patent.

Immobiliser Ghost for Nissan Security

The GHOST is armed by utilising your Nissan’s controls on the dash, steering, wheel or window adjusters. You can select a unique button sequence code, from 4 to 20 buttons, to start your Nissan and drive it away. SO if car thieves either steal or copy/clone your key they will not be able to drive your Nissan away.

The GHOST also has a unique Service/Valet mode available, which means your vehicle can be serviced or valeted without you having to give up your unique button sequence to anyone.

Book to have AutoWatch GHOST Immobiliser installed on your Nissan today, before car thieves get to work!